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Ron & Susan Zitter - Lazy Susan's Choice Deck Hangers

In the early part of the 1900’s my grandparents were produce farmers. They worked a large farm in Philadelphia, and trucked their vegetables to the wharf. My father inherited the growing gene from them and had a large garden, a small tractor, and enjoyed many years of growing success.

I, however, did not pursue an interest in these cultivation skills until later in life. Whether this was due to my lack of space, or lack of time due to raising a family, and my employment in manufacturing and thirty years in a demanding sales career, I don’t know However, moving my family outside the city and a bit of a slower pace, reignited the family fascination with planting and gardening.

My wife, Susan’s Mother loved to garden. She got the bug from her. She loves flowers and loves to plant them wherever she can in our rather meandering yard. Somehow, she sucked me into helping her on her many projects in our yard. I think that’s when I began to like gardening. We both can’t wait for that first sprout to come up. It is such a thrill, crazy I know. She really gets excited when she has picked up something from the discount racks that was in really poor shape, she felt she had saved a life.

It looks like many of us feel this way. Lawn and Garden offerings of all kinds are available in many locations, in most areas of the nation. Along, with the explosion of large nursery and garden facilities it seems that the plants have also been getting larger and heavier.

As I began to have more time outside my career and the kids growing up, my wife, Susan and I could spend more time gardening. She was always in search of more attractive hanging baskets. Many weekends we would go to the local nurseries and there was a great selection of very large hanging baskets. However, what we couldn’t find was a more secure and universal plant holder to accommodate the plants she picked. This did not make her happy as it limited the selection of plants we could have with the insufficient areas available at our house that offered enough support to hang these heavy plants, especially after watering them. One area that we could use was our deck. We tried several hanging deck planters only to see the shepherds hooks bend and our deck rail damaged! Not a happy wife!

From my early days from working in manufacturing, along with building passenger rail cars, I was privileged enough to see the American craftsman at work every day. With those memories and knowledge in place, I thought, “Why can’t we go to some of those Pennsylvania workers that can machine, bend, thread, weld, powder coat, and manufacture an American made multiple use deck hanger?”

You know the saying “Happy wife, happy life?”. I thought I should do something to remedy this situation. After a lot of brainstorming and discussion, we both arrived at a vision of what was to be. Now Lazy Susan’s Choice offers deck owners, the flexibility to display their plants on their decks.

At Lazy Susan’s Choice, here you have it, a heavy-duty, multiple use, plant hanger, bird feeder, wind chime holder, wind sock and flag flyer.

– Ron and Susan Zitter